Conference Details

Presentations – Day 1 – April 4, 2012

E. Lance Cole, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC)
Welcome & Forum Overview

Morning Keynote
Eric Redman, President, Summit Power Group LLC
Closely Watched (Gasification) Trains: The Texas Clean Energy Project and CCUS for the Permian Basin

Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting
Introduction to CO2 EOR Analysis Spreadsheet  |  Spreadsheet

John Steelman, Natural Resources Defense Council
CCUS Project Screening & Economics

Session One: Anthropogenic CO2 Sources
Greg Kunkel, VP Environmental Affairs, Tenaska, Inc.
Trailblazer & Other Tenaska CCUS Projects

Joseph “Phil” DiPietro, Analyst, Strategic Energy Analysis & Planning, U.S. DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory
Follow the CO2 – How Sources of CO2 Define Deployment Scenarios for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Chris Peters, VP Business Development, Clean Energy Systems, Inc.
On-Site CO2 Solutions

Luncheon Keynote
Steve Melzer, Melzer CO2nsulting
Residual Oil Zones (ROZs): Why All the Buzz?

Charles McConnell, Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
EOR as the U in CCUS

Session Two: Clean-up, Compression & Transportation – Getting CO2 to the Oilfield
Mike Blincow, Director Anthropogenic CO2 Supply, Denbury Resources, Inc.
CO2 Transportation—Getting From A to B (&C&D&E…)

Steve Morrison, Global Director Business Development for Tonnage Gases, Air Products
Port Arthur Project: Hydrogen to Enhanced Oil Recovery Through CO2 Capture and Sequestration

R. Bret Rhinesmith, VP Technology, Carbon Blue Energy, LLC
Generating CO2 Specifically for EOR – The CryoBlue-R Process

Session Three: Geology & Reservoir Characterization
Rebecca Smyth, Project Manager, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
Shallow Groundwater Monitoring at the SACROC Oilfield, Scurry County, TX: Good News for CCUS

Bob Trentham, CEED Director, University of Texas Permian Basin on behalf of Legado Resources, LLC
Goldsmith-Landreth (San Andres) Unit

Kerry Sandhu, General Manager Canada, Gaffney-Cline & Associates (a division of Baker Hughes)
CO2 EOR Project Reserves/Appraisal

Presentations – Day 2 – April 5, 2012

Session Four: CO2 EOR – Downhole Operations & Safety
Ed Payne, Production Manager, Whiting Petroleum

Using CO2 for Artificial Lift

Darrell Ricketson, VP Permian Basin Operations, Kinder Morgan CO2 Company

Kinder Morgan’s Approach to Reliable CO2 Injection

Kerry Sandhu, General Manager Canada, Gaffney-Cline & Associates (a division of Baker Hughes)
Improving Injection Efficiency by Using Polymer Gels

Session Five: CO2 EOR – Surface Operations & Safety
Ed Payne, Production Manager, Whiting Petroleum
A Field Tour of North Ward Estes Operations by Process Flow

Lonnie Ashley, Senior VP – Operations, Legado Resources, LLC
Legado Resources GLSAU EOR Development Plan

Robert D. “Bob” Kiker, R.D. Kiker Inc.
Surface Flow Operations-Examples of Other Operators

Luncheon Keynote
Judi Greenwald, VP, Technology and Innovation, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
A National EOR Initiative

Lynn Watney, Senior Scientific Fellow, Petroleum Geology, Kansas Geological Survey
Business Implications of A Class VI Permit – The Long View? A Kansas Perspective

Session Six: Barriers to Business Success
John Dobitz, President, Paxton U.S., Inc.
The Two Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

Ray Hattenbach, Blue Source
Business Considerations of the CO2 EOR Process

John Harju, Associate Director for Research, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota

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